George B. Wheeler Lodge #351 F.&A.M.

Eau Claire Wi. 616 Graham St.

Trestle Board

George B, Wheeler Lodge #351

March 2nd Spring Belgian Waffle Breakfast 8am-12noon

March 13th Fellowship Dinner at 6pm, Stated Meeting at 7pm Possible FC Degree

April 10th Fellowship Dinner at 6pm Stated Meeting at 7pm Visit from Shriners

April 24th Fellowship Dinner at 6pm Stated Meeting at 7pm Visit from Arby Humphrey

May 8th Fellowship Dinner at 6pm, Stated Meeting at 7pm

May 15th 1st Annual (possibly bi-annual) Masonic Blood Drive

May 18th District Meeting (Location to be announced)

Greeting Brethren,

We’re off to a good start so far this year, and I hope it continues.

The Annual Gun Raffle was a success. Thank you Brothers for your continued Efforts on that with Ticket Sales.  I’d like to discuss the possibilities of moving the gun raffle to a different part of the year and I will bring that up for discussion in a meeting sometime soon.

Our Spring Belgian Waffle Breakfast Might very well have happened already before this get to you,  If not, I hope to see as many of you as possible enjoying this great feed, and I hope it’s as successful as our last one.  The Same Afternoon, there will be a DeMolay meeting and degree work. If you can stay and attend, they would love to have you there.

March 13th We are hoping to have a Dual FC degree for Alex and Scott Tillotson.Alex is currently attending college in North Dakota, and should be back in town for Spring break, and Scott has been very busy working for the Fired Department, so we’re hoping to get them to the 2nd degree of Masonry at this date.  Please Brother come out and share in this great occasion. Dinner will be at 6pm, and a very short business meeting at 7pm with the degree started right away.

April 16th Stated meeting will include a visit from our Local Shriner’s Brothers to talk to us all about the Shriners, and their great work.  If you are interest in becoming, or finding out more about the Shriners to figure out if you’d like to be involved, THIS would be a great opportunity.

April 24th Stated meeting will include a educational lecture from our Junior Grand Deacon  L. Arby Humphrey Topic to be decided. Dinner will of course be at 6pm and Stated Meeting Starting at 7pm

April 18th Will be our District Meeting. Location not yet decided.I would really like to see as many people from the lodge to come out to the district meeting if at all possible. It is always very informative. If you’d like to come out, and don’t drive or would like to car pool, please let us know and we’ll make arrangements.  Plenty of time before this date to get it all figured out.

I know some of these date are posted pretty far in advance on the this Trestle Board, but I do feel that sometime, planning on attending some of these events is easier to do with as much prior notice as possible.

There are a few more things I’d like to do at some time coming up as well, like have a night dedicated to the MECC course. Finishing this course and sending it in to Grand Lodge will get you a Nice Certificate, and a Pin; But also, Really helps to understand how things work in the lodge, the responsibilities of everyone, and much more. Also we need to get ready for the Past Masters Dinner, which will include recognition of our 25, 50, 60 and more year Brothers as well as announcing Mason of the year.

This will be help June 15th at the Masonic Temple in Eau Claire. More details to come on the next trestle board, by mark your calendars now. This event will be attended by All three lodges in the Eau Claire Masonic Temple,

Brothers John Kinville and Seth Kroll visited Brothers Willard Johnson and Roy Campbell at the Claremont on Feb. 10th.  Roy Campbell is now at the V.A. in Chippewa falls.  They plan on trying to get out to visit more of our Brothers as they have time. Thank You Brothers John and Seth for this great Fraternal showing of Brotherly love. If anyone else would like to join in on the visitations, or would like a list of Brothers to go visit, Please Contact our Membership Committee. Consisting of Brothers Steve O’Rourke, John Kinville, and Troy Peters.

The visit from Brother Joshua Eddy this past month was very informative and a refreshing bit of news knowing that we have such great Brothers and Families in the area willing to dedicate so much of their time, seeing to the needs required to make this re-introduction of Job’s Daughters a reality.

School of Instruction was Great. I truly love the rituals of this Fraternity, so attending is always a pleasure. Next year Chippewa falls, and Buffalo River in Mondovi will host it.

We started the new phone message contact system for making calls reminding people about lodge meetings for everyone. So far, it’s received very positive reviews. I hope everyone, especially our Brothers who don’t make it to lodge much anymore as well as our Brothers without email, or who don’t regularly check it, appreciate knowing that we do appreciate you, and want to make sure you know this, by trying in anyway to keep you up to date on how things are going and what’s on the agenda for the lodge.

  Brothers, Please come to lodge and share Fellowship and support for your lodge. If you can make it even just for dinner, to spend a hour with the other Brothers, please do.   If you don’t want to do any work, or be put on a committee, That is perfectly ok.

If you do, Please, let us know.

Fellowship is very important in our Fraternity to us all!

Again, Thank you all for your always appreciated help and support for our lodge.


Kevin D. LeQue W.M. George B, Wheeler Lodge #351

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