George B. Wheeler Lodge #351 F.&A.M.

Eau Claire Wi. 616 Graham St.

Update for the 2017 year…

Posted By on January 17, 2017

First, Congratulations to the 2017 Lodge Officers.

At the beginning of the year, The WM and I put together a mailing which was sent out with a few things included.
A letter from the WM James Kent, as well as his Proposed Calendar of events.
Also Dues notices for those who haven’t yet paid their 2017 dues,
and a Contact information update form, as well as a pre-stamped self addresses envelope to send it back in.
Brothers, Please get the return items sent in as soon as possible so we can make sure we have the most current information about you, and possibly get you added to our email and phonevite lists so you can be kept up today with what is going on in the lodge.
We look forward to many good works this year, and always appreciate everyone’s help in making them successful.
If you have any question, or would like to sign up for a shift to work an event etc.
Please contact the WM or Sec. at any time.
Brat Stand dates are set and reserved for June 23&24th, and July 21&22nd. Brother Joe Nelson is handling Scheduling for work shifts.
Next meeting is a EA degree, and as always your presence and participation is appreciated. Dinner is at 6pm, Meeting and work start sharply at 7pm.

I’ll try and keep the website, as well as our Facebook Page up to date as often as possible.
If you haven’t already, like the Facebook page to get notifications of events and other updates.
Thank you,
Bro. Kevin LeQue, Secretary

Congratulation New Officers for 2016

Posted By on January 14, 2016

Picture to follow soon…

Congratulations to all the newly elected and appointed officers for the 2016 year.

Also, Our Spring Dad’s Belgian Waffle fund raiser is coming up soon,
Please look up the lodge on facebook for details, and you can purchase tickets from
one of the lodge members or Online here on the website in the upper right corner via PayPal.

Thanks everyone for you participation and support of the lodge and it’s good workings.


School of Instruction Update

Posted By on February 2, 2015

Update about School of Instruction:
Wednesdays S.O.I. had been cancelled.
Tuesday will be the only night and run a little later then planned.

Reminders and Updates February 1st 2015

Posted By on February 1, 2015

masonry2Greetings All,

Reminder of up coming events, and some changes to the website.

1)  School of Instruction is Feb 4th & 5th at the Eau Claire Center.
All Members are encouraged to attend.
Dinner at 6pm, S.O.I. to start at 7pm both nights.
Suggested Donation for Dinner is $4.00

2) Tickets now available for the Spring Waffle Breakfast.
The Waffle Breakfast is set for Sunday April 19th at the Eau Claire Center
If you received them by mail and want to pay for them online
there is now the option to do so here on the website on the right side.

3) Dues: Please pay your dues if you haven’t done so already.
The dues are responsible for paying the Lodges overheads and expenses
are it is very important to get them paid as quickly as possible Please.

4) The 2015 Budget will be voted on at the next meeting scheduled for 2/11/15
Tickets for the Breakfast will be available there as well. Please pick some up
to sell to friends and family; as ticket sales are crucial to the success of the event.

5) Dues Payments Online: Yes, you can now pay your dues with a credit card via
Paypal. There is a Button on the Right side Top of the website that will take you to
a paypal secure payment page. There is a $3.00 additional charge to cover the processing
of this service added to the Dues.

6) Tickets for the Waffle Breakfast will be sent out to all non-attending
members of the lodge to Encourage, Remind, and Make available tickets
to those members and their families.

7) Complimentary Tickets for the Widows are being sent out the our
Lodge’s Widows as suggested and voted on by the Lodge to do so.

8) Second notices for those not paying dues yet will go out This Month (February),
Please try to save us the the cost of mailing those out by paying your dues either by mail, or
by using the new online service, whichever is more convenient to you.

Please check the Lodge Calendar regularly for dates of Meeting and special events.

Thank you Everyone for you Continued support of George B. Wheeler Lodge.

Kevin D. LeQue, Sec.

Dec. 18th 2013 Congratulations Installed Officers for 2014

Posted By on December 19, 2013

Installed Officers for the Year 2014, George B, Wheeler Lodge #351

Installed Officers for the Year 2014, George B, Wheeler Lodge #351

Neil Hanson WM with Grand Officers

Worshipful Master Bro. Neil Hansen With the Installing Grand Lodge Officers, Installation of Officers for the 2014 ensuing year. This is Brother Neil’s 5 time as W.M. for George B. Wheeler Lodge.

From the East Dec. 12th 2013

Posted By on December 12, 2013

Greetings Brothers,MasonsMGMB

 Just a couple of things really quick so PLEASE take notice to this email.
1) Installation of Officers is the 18th (thats NEXT WEEK Wednesday night)
Dinner starts at 6pm, you MUST RSVP if your going to be having dinner, and I highly suggest
you take advantage of the meal if your going to be attending.
It’s starts at 6pm, and is being catered by Fransway Catering
you MUST RSVP to Joshua Eddy ASAP at 715-299-3001 or
and let him know how many will be with you for dinner.
 The lodge pays 1/3 for this event, so, please partake in the meal, and come out to the installation.
 It’s a Public installation, and your family members ARE invited as well to the Installation as well las the dinner.
 2) Bro. Neil Hansen, the Incoming W.M. of George B. Wheeler Lodge ( for the 5th time) Requests that everyone who can make it, be at the second meeting in January so that you can vote on the Lodge’s Budget and anything else that needs your input for the upcoming year.
Thats January 22nd, Please mark this on your Calendar and plan on being there.

  I want to once again thank everyone for a great year as Master of the Lodge.
The support of the Brothers, and the Past Master made for a great experience, and
a memorable year of great fellowship.
 I will do my best to assure there is always fellowship before lodge as we have had this year, and encourage everyone of you to make a true effort to come to lodge and participate with our continued good workings.
 Even if all you want to do is sit on the sidelines, and join in on the fellowship of the lodge, please do. Your presence is So very much appreciated and valued.
  I hope to see a good bunch of you at Installation next week, and throughout the year.
      Bro. Kevin D. LeQue W.M. George B, Wheeler Lodge #351 (at least until Installation) 😉
        Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin.

Buffalo River Lodge Masonic Service for Glenn Sheldon Haukeness Thursday 10/17/13

Posted By on October 15, 2013

The Buffalo River Masonic Lodge 252 of Mondovi will be having a Masonic Service for Glenn Sheldon Haukeness on Thursday October 17, 2013 at the Lodge in Mondovi, WI, The service will start at 7 PM all Family and friends and of course his Masonic Brothers are invited to attend. Glenn was a member of the Masons for 62 years at the time of his passing. The Lodge Building is located at 245 South Franklin Street in Mondovi.

From the East Sep. 5th 2013

Posted By on September 5, 2013

MeetlevelsquareGreetings Brother,

 Well, it’s been a LONG and BUSY summer and I hope everyone is ready to get back to lodge, and do some Masonic Work.
    Waffle Breakfast has been cancelled:
Due to some miscommunication, we needed to cancel the Fall Waffle Breakfast this year.
 It’ll give us more time to come up with more ideas and a strategy to make them more successful in the future.  The dates for next years are already reserved both for the Facility and with Dad’s, so thats a good start, plenty of time to plan.
   Gordy’s Brat stands a Great Success:
I want to thank everyone for volunteering their time and efforts for the Brat stand weekends, and the National Hot Dog day event as well. We did really great this year and everyone really came prepared to work. Great Job Brothers.

Those who are Mentoring candidates, I need you to get back to me and let me know where your candidates are at as far as being ready to move forward in their degrees.
We can not afford to let our Brothers wait to long before moving forward, it only makes it harder on them with the memorization.
 First Meeting Back September 11th.
We will of course have Fellowship dinner starting at 6pm, and the Meeting will proceed at 7pm
We have our Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Bill Beetcher coming in to give a lecture this night as well. So, Please Brothers, come to lodge and show our Deputy Grand Master that lodge is important to us all with a good attendance.
 Coloring Book Sales:
 We are close approaching our annual Coloring book sales, and we need to know who is going to participate in the sales.
 I would greatly appreciate one of you brothers taking the lead on this, Please let me know if your willing to Head up this committee, and also, if your willing to work on of the weekends doing sales.
 With the end of the year approaching, we also need to get our Widows Visit and Gifts figure out for the end of the year as well. Please bring your ideas to lodge, and or email them back to me so i can make notes as well.
 Other Up coming Events you should be aware of: 
 This Saturday September 7th is a Gold Collar” Master Mason Degree (Grand Lodge Officers doing the work) for Bill Beecher’s son.  It starts at 9 AM in River Falls.
 There is a MM degree for Candidate   Dale Morley September 17th, at Chippewa falls Lodge. Chili Feed starts at 6pm, Stated at 7:30, then right into the degree.
Please let Less know if you can make it.
 October 5th: Kevin Johnson asked that I send the following information to our brothers about the Shrine Clinic held at the Shrine Building in Eau Claire.  If you know of anyone needing the type of care the Shrine Hospital gives please let them know.
 While at Shrine Hospital for Children Twin Cities Hospital Day I was asked if Mehara could do a screening clinic as in the past. They would like it to be open to all of the Chippewa Valley area. The hospital will send flyers etc to schools,care providers and health departments. The date agreed upon is October 5th 2013 running from 9:00A.M. to 11:30A.M. at Mehara Shrine Center 2625 Folsom St. Eau Claire
I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but IF you made it this far in reading this Email already, THANK YOU!
 I hope to see many of you in Lodge next week, and I hope this Email finds you in good health and good spirits.
  Bro. Kevin D. LeQue W. M. George B. Wheeler Lodge #351


From the East June 25th 2013

Posted By on June 25, 2013

Quick reminder…

masonry1LRGThe EA degree IS Tomorrow night, Wednesday June 26th.
Please try to attend, as this is not only a Degree Night and it’s important to show our newly elected Candidate our support, but it is as well the last meeting before we go dark for the summer

We will have Waffle Breakfast Tickets available this night, to give everyone the opportunity to sell tickets through our dark months.
As you all know, the Ticket sales are Crucial to the success of our Fund Raising, so lets all do our part and get these tickets sold.

Gordy’s Brat Stands starts this weekend for our lodge, If you haven’t signed up to work and wish to do so, PLEASE get on the list. If you can’t make it to lodge, but still want to be on the work crew, please contact me and let me know.

I hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow night if you can make it.
Fellowship Dinner will start at 6pm, We’ll be having Brats.
Meeting to start sharply at 7pm,
we’ll get business done quick and move on to the degree and try to get
everyone home at a decent time.

Thank you Brothers, I hope this message finds you all well and in good spirits


Bro. Kevin D. LeQue W.M.

From the East June 20th 2013

Posted By on June 20, 2013

First,  I want to thank everyone who came out tonight for the Highway Clean up.masonry2
What a GREAT turn out!!
Thanks to Neil, Bob. Jerry, John K., Josh, John V., Seth, Wayne and Wayne’s Two Children, and Troy.
It sure made for a great time, and quick work having so many there.
Everyone’s Participation is Greatly Appreciated.

It’s been a pretty good 1st half of the year so far.

We have Degree work Next week on Wednesday at our Stated Meeting.
Fellowship will start at 6pm (Brats and Salads), Meeting to start at 7pm sharp.
And Degree work to start shortly there after.

This is the last meeting before we go dark, I hope to see as many of you there as possible to
welcome our new Brother before taking off for 2 months.

If you’ll notice, at the upper right side of the website, we now have a PayPal button for Donations to the lodge,
We’re in the process of have a full Paypal account set up, which will make it easier for people who wish to pay their dues via
their credit cards by doing so with paypal.  Once this is in full effect, we’ll let everyone know.
Also, once this in is full effect, we’ll be able to take debit and credit cards at our fund raisers as well.

Thats all for now, More will follow in a email to all the members..

Again, Thanks everyone for your continued support and participation in our workings.

Kevin D. LeQue W.M.